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Monday August 8th 2022

Tips On How To Eat Less And Be Fit

Centuries ago people were eating only when they feel hungry. Nowadays, hunger is way not the first reason why we eat.  Specialists name at least 5 more reasons: we eat when we are bored, when the foods smell so great, also to make a company or to celebrate something, or we can eat at that time of the day when we got used to eating. When foods look great, we tend to eat them regardless of whether we feel hungry or not. Result? Extra weight and health risks.

Below, you can find some tips for those who want to eat less and be more fit.

1. Use only small size plates. It is proven that the bigger size of the plates or kitchenware we use, the more we eat.

2. Control what you have in your fridge. Pack your foods in non-transparent packages, like aluminum foil or plastic packs. This way you will avoid seeing your favorite foods every time you open your fridge.

3. Do not store lots and lots of foods in your fridge, better do shopping more frequently. This will serve for your good as extra physical activities as well.

4. Do not buy 5 yogurts with various flavors in order to try and see how they taste. Buy 3 of the same flavor, and the next time buy 3 more of another flavor.

5. Do not keep a TV in the room where you usually eat. Studies has shown that when we are watching TV or when we are eating in a company of friends, we commonly eat more than twice more of what we would it when we are eating alone.

6. Try to eat in a dining room, not in the kitchen, where you can see the fridge and all your favorite foods.

7. Do not keep snacks like nuts, candies, and even fruit on your table or at any other place where you can see them all the times. This way you’ll eat less.

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